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Decipher what kind of material is used to make the blade of automatic plate shears?

Many people believe that the more advanced the raw materials of the steel plate shears are, the better the products will be used. In fact, it is not. The material selected for the blade of the steel plate shears is determined by the plate to be cut. Only by selecting the right material can the cutting be smoother. For example:

The plate shears made of T10 (carbon tool steel), Cr5Mo (chromium molybdenum alloy steel for high temperature environment) and 9CrSi (low alloy tool steel) are suitable for cutting ordinary A3 and ordinary low carbon cold rolled plates and wastes; In addition, the plate cutter blade made of 9CrSi (low alloy tool steel) is also suitable for cutting hard steel sheets.

The plate shear blade made of 6CrW2Si (steel type formed by adding a certain amount of tungsten on the basis of chromium silicon steel) and Cr12MoV (cold working die steel) is suitable for cutting hot-rolled plates, stainless steel and medium thick plates.

The plate shear blades made of 4Cr5MoSiV1 (air hardening hot working die steel), 7Cr7Mo2V2Si (high strength and toughness cold working die steel), W6Mo5Cr4V2 (high carbon and high alloy tool steel suitable for high-speed cutting) are suitable for high-speed and high-temperature hot cutting. The material is characterized by high temperature resistance and difficult annealing.

The blade of plate shears is an important part of the whole plate shears. Its material and processing directly determine the service life and cutting effect of the blade. Jinhan ruitu has its own steel agent factory, which has a rich variety of steel raw materials. The blade material can be selected according to the actual use of the customer, so as to improve the cutting performance of the plate cutter blade to a greater extent!