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Daily use and maintenance of CNC bending machine mould

In the working process of the CNC bending machine, in addition to the high requirements for the bending machine itself and operators, the bending machine mold is also very important. What are the maintenance skills for the bending machine mold? Let's have a look!

CNC bending machine

Routine maintenance

1. before turning on the power supply of the bending machine, the iron filings in the lower die groove of the bending machine must be cleaned and tested before bending.

2. during bending, the downward pressure of the die shall not exceed the bending critical point of the die, otherwise the die will be deformed or even broken.

3. when bending, the size of the lower die groove shall be appropriate.

4. clean the bending machine mold after work, and then put the mold that will not be used the next day into the mold cabinet.

Maintenance procedure

1. apply the mold maintenance wax or oil to the mold or industrial cleaning cloth. Pay attention that the cleaning cloth should be moderately soft and hard. If it is too soft, the mold may not be completely cleaned, and if it is too hard, scratches may be left on the mold;

2. the operator shall wear gloves, hold a cleaning cloth, and rub the mold along the height of the mold. It is not allowed to rub back and forth, but only one-way;

3. * after maintenance, clean the mold with a cloth;

4. when there is no rust stain on the mold surface, spray the maintenance wax on the rag to wipe the mold;

5. if the air humidity is high or the mold is used frequently, it is recommended to maintain it every two days; Otherwise, it can be maintained once a week.

6. it is recommended to wear gloves when loading and unloading the mold.

With the application of numerical control system, the precision of the die is continuously improved, which not only saves a lot of raw materials, but also promotes the development of related industries. The proportional pressure control of the NC bending machine mold is very convenient. During the production process, the load characteristic conditions can be set, and the pressure control rules required for enzyme killing can be set, which can prevent the pressure overshoot, vibration and hydraulic retaliation caused by the change of pressure control steps. Compared with the pressure control of manual control valve, the control circuit and system are simplified, the control function is improved, and the assembly and use are convenient.