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In industrial automation, the installation precautions of robot ground rail will be ignored by the third ordinary person

The robot walking axis unit (ground rail) is composed of a frame, a servo motor, a reducer, a linear guide rail, a gear rack, a travel switch, etc.

The standard seventh axis robot adopts a full servo power system, which has fast speed, high precision, good dust and pollution resistance. It is mainly used for loading and unloading of machine tools, welding, assembly, spraying, inspection, casting, forging, heat treatment, metal cutting, handling, stacking and other work, and meets the different needs of factory automation production in the industrial 4.0 environment.

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Installation site requirements:

1. electric load of equipment: three-phase 380V

2. the gas shall meet the gas load of equipment: 0.6~0.8mpa

3. the foundation shall meet the equipment bearing capacity, and the ground flatness shall be 20mm

4. the minimum thickness of concrete shall be 180mm

Rack part installation:

1. check the equipment installation site (equipment operation area & ground flatness & ground bearing capacity)

2. clean the site and plan the equipment location.

3. use "traveling crane, forklift and hydraulic Scooter" to transport to the designated position

Transmission part commissioning:

1. install equipment leveling instrument (level & tripod)

2. clean the mounting surface of the rack guide rail and place the measuring posts.

3. adjust the anchor bolts and coordinate with the level gauge for measurement; Levelness Adjustment Standard: ± 0.2mm/ length per meter

Equipment installation and fixation:

1. drill holes on the ground, install M20 chemical bolts, lock nuts and fix the equipment.

Robot part installation:

1. supporting robot for hoisting equipment

2. align the "robot locating pin" and place it on the "robot booster"

3. at the "robot mounting hole" position, install "bolt + spring washer + flat washer" in sequence, and lock the fastener